When you're blessed with a really big problem

I was just listening to a sermon from a preacher I’ve come to like and respect very much. Her name is Rev Laurie Idahosa, and she has a very unique testimony.

Rev Laurie is an American, born and raised by evangelical Christian preacher parents, and is married to Bishop FEB Idahosa, the only biological son of Arch-Bishop Benson Idahosa, arguably the father of pentecostalism in West Africa.

After Rev Laurie’s marriage to Bishop Feb, she moved to Benin, Nigeria, where her husband and his family lived and stewarded the Church of God Mission International, the international ministry started by Arch-Bishop Idahosa before he left to be with the Lord.

Rev Laurie and Bishop Feb married and were essentially considered royalty in Christiandom in Nigeria, being the children of Arch Bishop Idahosa.

But this is where the story gets interesting. Rev Laurie and Bishop Feb began to struggle with infertility.

Given their pedigree as children of influential preachers, this was unthinkable. Rev Laurie was given a laundry list of fertility issues, and Bishop Feb was declared sperm-less. There was no way they could have their own biological children.

How shameful, how painful, how utterly devastating.

Rev Laurie shares a particularly painful memory from a monthly children’s dedication service. During this service, mothers and fathers would dance to the altar with their infants, and present them to the elders and pastors of the church, who would pray and declare God’s blessings over the infants.

That Sunday, while Rev Laurie joined other pastors on the altar, she noticed that no one gave her a child to pray over. While the mothers and fathers joyfully handed their children to other pastors, they mindlessly ignored her.

The First Lady had no children. So how could she pray over their own children.

Today, several years later, and working in ministry full-time, and running one of Nigeria’s leading Christian private universities, Bishop and Rev Laurie have three young boys, all conceived naturally, after six failed IVFs. God is awesome.

So when this woman speaks about God blessing you with a really big problem, you ought to listen. You ought to pay attention because she’s lived it OPENLY. Many of us have only had challenges in our private lives, but there’s something about being openly shamed and ridiculed and questioned that gives all the glory right back to God. Especially when it could ONLY have been Him.

In the sermon I just listened to, Rev Laurie talks about the manifestation of God in our lives and situations being for multiplication. Your struggle today is for the breakthrough that God will give to multitudes. You will become a testimony that will bring glory to the name of Jesus, encourage faith in the hearts of His people.

She shared an interesting scripture that caught my attention-

All this is for your sake; and as God’s grace reaches more and more people, they will offer to the glory of God more prayers of thanksgiving.
— 2 Corinthians 4:15

There are certain things challenging you today that are happening just for the GLORY of God. And they’re happening openly so that no one will be able to take the glory, even if they wanted to.

If you’re going through a wilderness season, know this- when God brings you out, He will use your experience to bless others.

But…what if you’re actually in a season of harvest?

Remember that while everything is quiet and you are coasting, wisdom demands that you set up systems and processes in the calm season that comes before the storm. So that when your storm comes, because it will, you would have a house built on SOLID ROCK that can withstand whatever storms may come your way.

Final word- ALL things are happening for your sake, so that God’s grace through you may reach more and more people, that they will offer to the Glory of God.

God bless you!

FaithAlheri Egor-EgbeComment