Homesickness and rememory


This has been a most beautiful week. Easily one of the most beautiful weeks I’ve had in Dublin. I’ve made friends, whose company I truly enjoy; I’m getting a hang of my role at work, and I can find my way around this new city much easier than before. But it’s also been a most emotional week, the good emotions though. Joy, peace, gratitude, clarity of thought (is that an emotion?)

Yesterday I went to see a movie with my friends at 10pm (don’t worry, my area is safe.) It wasn’t the wisest decision as we all had work the next day, but as one of my friends said, you only live once. Also tickets were only 8euros so it was a financially smart decision.

On our way back, my friends and I (me and three guys) took pictures by the bridge, and generally made good cheer. I must have used the word “beautiful” at least a hundred times. The bridge was beautiful, as was the water, and the sky, and people, and life, and God’s goodness. As I stood by the Samuel Beckett bridge overlooking the Liffey, I realized that indeed, God is wonderful, and His mercies endure forever.

If you’ve been reading my blog for long enough, you know a little bit of my story. You know about that time when I was almost kicked out of school because of no school fees. You remember when my grandmother died, and how I had to mourn alone far away from my family. You also remember when I was severely stressed out in school. You know that I don’t deny the incredible privilege that I have in my parents, who have sacrificed everything to give me the education I have today. You know of the friends who have held my hands and prayed me through thick and thin.

One big prayer I said when I knew that I was moving from New York to Dublin was that God would expand my heart to make room in my heart for me to meet and embrace new friends. I prayed that when people saw me, that they would see a most joyful, peaceful, and compassionate spirit. I literally want people to see me and want to fall into my arms because they are reminded of the peaceful and joyful love of Jesus. I want people to see the Grace of God all around me.

That has come with a lot of almost crying moments, because God has made my heart so tender towards His children, and has given me some new grace to give allowance, to give space, to let people blossom into their own selves.

This afternoon at work, I’m listening to some of my favorite albums over the past few years. I’ve listened to a little bit of Asa’s Bed of Stone, and Brymo’s Klitoris, and Simi’s Simisola. As you all know, music always transports me to specific place in time and a specific location. So these songs are reminding of where God has brought me from, of how good He’s been to me. How He has carried me in His arms and given me all the grace I’ve needed. Indeed, great is His faithfulness, and all I have needed in life, His arms have provided.

Look how far He’s brought me, and rejoice with me. Think about His mercy and remember that He is close to you. Be encouraged.

What’s my point in writing all these?

I want you to hold on. I want you to know that the sun always shines again, that God is infinitely good, and His lovingkindness is eversure.

I want you to know that nothing you have is for you. You’re much too small for all of God’s blessings to be yours only. He has given you the joy and the peace and the grace that you enjoy for you to tell the whole world about His goodness and kindness.

Now that I’ve told you, go forth and spread the good news!