The Final Stretch

It's funny how a short span of time can reveal very much. In the past few weeks, I have worked harder than I've ever worked throughout my four years in university. I don't really think I'm very hardworking or resilient. In the past, I struggled to find activities that completely capture my attention and keep me engaged for long periods of time. But in the past few weeks, as I've been wring my thesis, I've come to see and love a new part of me. I have seen that when I put my heart to something, I can work round the clock to make it happen. Writing did that for me. The fear of graduating with regrets that I could have worked harder kept me going, and on Monday, May 1, I submitted my thesis. I should do the mandatory Facebook and Instagram posts thanking God and my friends and fans for the victory haha. But I guess I'm either happily boring or haven't fully accepted the fact that I finished my thesis to actually get around to doing those yet. Or maybe I never will. The "likes" are great but then, what? :D

Today as I sit in my empty office at past 10pm, begging God for grace to complete my final paper, I reminisce on the journey that this final semester in college has been.

If I could go back, I would do certain things differently.

For one, I'd take much easier classes. I have taken all higher level classes and done very well in the past, but throw in a 150-page thesis of all original work and you have a little complication. I worked very hard for one of my classes and yesterday, when I got my grade, I literally sat on my bed and wept like a baby. Lol. You don't want to perform badly in your final semester in college, do you?

So if I could go back, I wouldn't take that class. I would focus on more fun and relaxing classes. But when you're in a situation like mine- where I had a hold on my account (for the umpteenth and last time) and had to literally take any classes that were left, I cannot complain much. I did my best, I really did. And although I don't think that class favored me, I move on with joy.

Random fact- did I ever mention on the blog that I had a head concussion this past semester? I found it very funny, but from the warnings I received at the health center, it was quite a serious case. Oh well, here I am, standing and almost done with college, despite having a head concussion in my final semester.

Today I'm just checking in with all you all to say that God is good and His mercy endures forever.

runningAlso, randomly, I feel like my body has almost betrayed me in these past few days. On Monday, I literally felt like my mind and body shut down. I also had horrible stomach cramps, and I couldn't get my mind around typing one more word after I submitted my thesis.

I have had to beg God and to cajole myself into leaving my room to finally start on my final paper, which will be submitted after this all-nighter I'm about to pull.

Advice for the kids- take the most fun and least stressful classes you can find in your final semester. Also, pray that you don't have any holds on your account so you can actually take nice classes and not just what's left. Lol.

That said, I've missed my blog very much. I'm happy that I don't put myself under the pressure to produce spiritually profound material anymore. At this point, I'm more focused on just writing one sentence after another, because the ability to do that is in itself a miracle.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers, may God be with you. I can't wait to eventually share all the mighty testimonies that are headed my way!

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