There’s always someone listening.


After my very worried post yesterday, I got a very sweet email in the early hours of the day. I was up all night writing. I had too much adrenalin from thinking about my stories to sleep, so I had to keep going till I couldn’t any more. Does that make writing sound romantic? Lol, it’s not exactly that. Here’s what the email said:

Hey baby girl! Just sending some love your way! Read your blog as usual and just wanted to send you some love! Anxiety is real and it’s normal, especially in your Senior year/seasons of transition. What you need to realize is that it’s still scary for people who seem to have it all figured out.

But as always, a moment of weakness is simply an opportunity for His strength to be made perfect in us, and an overwhelming time only presents you with an opportunity to grow and to be a conqueror! You’re almost there, just keep pushing through! All things are working for your good and God is right beside you cheering you on! Love you always and praying with you!

I thought about two things:

1. There are always people praying for us. Especially if you have God-fearing friends, who genuinely care about you. Personally, I know that prayers are going up for me at every moment. From my mother who’s  on her knees every mid night, to my friends, including those who send me lovely emails like the one about, there’s always someone who has me on their mind.

What’s there to fear about life? I’m not the first person to experience all the emotions I’m experiencing now, and I certainly won’t be the last. Life gets a lot less lonely when we take a little perspective check. And thank God I shared how I was feeling. Because I was honest, my friend reached out with this email that will leave me smiling for days.

2. Our experiences are not for us alone. I’ve known this for a while now, but as always, you can know something and learn more and more about it as time goes by. Because my friend has experienced all the crazy emotions around graduation and because she’s come through stronger, she has the right words for me. She can understand and empathize with me because of her own experience, and when she says things, I can believe her because I know that she’s lived through them before.

Many times we think that we are the beginning and end of everything that happens to us. But that’s not true. Think about Jesus, we are healed because of His stripes. I can smile and know that all will be well because my friend, who’s come out on the other side, can tell me that all will be well.

That's why it's important for us to share our testimonies, guys. One good word from you can make a world of difference to another person.

What’s bugging you today? What’s on your heart? Even if you feel like no one understands, remember that Jesus has felt all you’re feeling and He will provide succor and comfort.