A friend in need


I’ve been a little overwhelmed lately. From family to school work, there seems to be a lot to get through. But despite all I have to do, I have unfathomable peace. I always wondered how the last few weeks of my life in college would be. I wondered if I would be stressed, or extremely busy, or thriving, or merely surviving. But here am I in these last few weeks of college and I have something I never imagined I would have.

I have peace. I have joy. I have confidence.

Ever since I wrote my popular blog post Make Me Gold, I’ve come to a realization that we can easily say big words and make big promises to God, but it takes His own power to make these big words a reality. I’m not at the end of this tunnel yet, but I have confidence that God has me in the best place, and exactly where I need to be.

Here's a snippet from Make Me Gold:

Take the things that I hold dear and place them far from me so that I run in only one direction: towards you. Take all that I have so doggedly pursued over the years, whatever it may be, and show me just how insufficient it is.

Make me more like you. That sounds very easy, and it’s something that we say all the time. But this time, I mean it. Your glory was in your cross, give me my own cross. Your dominion was in going to the pit of hell and obtaining the keys to the kingdom, take me through hell and bring me back out so that I can stand securely on your own word alone.

Does this even make sense?

P.S. I've never gone back to read that blog post because the very words I wrote scare the breath out of me. Lol!

Anyway, the peace that I have is coming from an increased knowledge of God. I don’t know how best to put this, it's not that I am suddenly reading my bible more or knowing God more. It's like He's taking my hand by the day and teaching me about Himself.

What's even more exciting is that to know God is to love Him. There’s no way we can encounter God and remain the same. No single person has encountered the living Jesus and remained the same. 


I don’t know, I don’t know. Sometimes I have these emotions and these feelings and I have no idea how to communicate them. All I know is that I have a fountain of joy in my soul that has refused to run dry. I have been through stress and cried some very real tears, but almost as sure as the dawn, my days get better, I look up and I smile.

And it’s not even one of those Oh I’m smiling because God has my life in control so today is tough but I know I'll make it. I mean, it’s that, but it’s also deeper than that.

I have a few words of encouragement for everyone who isn’t in a good place right now:

When you seek the Lord, you will find Him.

Jesus will never forsake you or forget you. Even if your parents disappoint you, or your friends are betray you, God will never forsake or forget you. Rest in His love today. Lay every weight on your shoulders at His feet. You've carried the baggage for long enough. You've suffered enough. You've cried enough tears. Jesus wants to take all of that away. 

You are not created to walk this earth alone. You cannot walk this earth alone. You cannot make it by yourself. That’s why Jesus promised to send His Spirit to be your helper. You have a helper. You have a boss who’s also your personal assistant. You have a parent who’s also your sibling and your friend and your everything.

Will you give Him the right of way?

Will you allow Him come into your life?

Will you let Him take control in exchange for the peace that He alone can give?

Featured image from Pinterest.