A little Culture


I’m sharing a little Nigerian music with you all today! It’s Nigerian gospel music and I love that this was a live show that embodied excellence. The artiste is called Lara George and listening to her makes me think about my little sister, Lucia. I remember that when Lulu was about four years old, my cousin Charity, who was about 11 or 12, was participating in a dance at church. Because Charity and Lucia were always together, Lucia followed Charity to church for dance rehearsals all the time. Little as she was, Lulu learned the dance steps and was only stopped from performing because she was too small. I think they should have let her though, she would have made the performance very cute haha.

That said, the song they were dancing to is the third one in this medley. It’s called Hallelujah. I had heard Lulu and Chari sing it a lot but I never knew who sang it and where it came from, so imagine my joy when I heard Lara George singing it!

Anyway, I’m sharing a bit of my Nigerian culture with you all today, and I hope you enjoy!


Have a wonderful day friends!