A late valentine's message


I’ve had such a beautiful life I don’t have much to say, except that the Lord’s goodness to me is overwhelming. I’m sitting in the library listening to one of my favorite albums. The melody takes me back to my summer in D.C. two years ago. I remember one evening vividly, riding the metro home to Silver Spring, on the border of Maryland and D.C. It wasn’t a special evening. In fact, I was really exhausted after a long day at work. But I remember thinking in that very moment of the deep, deep love that God has for me.

It hit me that God loves me in a personal, intimate, individual way. The love He has for me is unique to me. The way He shows me that love is unique to just me. His relationship with me exists only between me and Him. No replica, no imitation.

It’s interesting that this album made me think about D.C. because it actually was last summer that I fell in love with the album. For some reason, I’m obsessed with music, and I especially love good music. I love music that’s soft enough to let me read, but not too soft that I’d be bored when I do decide to focus fully on the song. Does that even make sense?


I'm really sorry if you find the album title or cover art offensive. Please don't judge the album by its name or its cover. The songs are all  beautiful and very far from dirty.

Life is beautiful. My life has been extremely beautiful. And that’s not because of the people or the things that I have. It’s solely because of this God that I have. This joy that I have. This love that I have.

I could lose everything tomorrow and still love God. He could take everything away and I’d still love Him. This love is enough. This love is enough. This love is enough.

I know, I know, I speak heavy words, evidence here.

But that’s the truth. I almost feel like I was raised by the Holy Spirit. There’s a responsibility to my family and my friends that I carry with me everywhere that I go. But in moments when I’m thinking very clearly, like now, I know that all I really want and all I really love to do is loving God.

Does that make sense? Let me make it a little clearer.

The only responsibility I have on earth is to love God. The only thing that I truly love doing on earth is loving God.

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My loving God may not look like your loving God, and that’s okay. In fact, that’s exactly how it’s supposed to be. My loving God is writing this blog, your loving God may be ministering to sick people in a hospital.

The most important thing is that we’re loving God. No matter where we find ourselves, the best gift that we can give to ourselves is to love God.

Don’t let the cynicism and the paranoia of this world rob you of the most beautiful gift and the most beautiful love that exists.

Jealously guard your love for God. Jealously guard your love for God. Jealously guard your love for God.

More importantly, let God love you the way He wants to love you. Recklessly abandon yourself to Him. Give Him full reign over your life. There’s nothing that He wouldn’t do for you. There’s nothing that will remain the same in your life if you let Him love you the way He truly wants to love you.

Truth be told, I haven’t always let God love me the way He wants to love me. I have only let Him love me very little, possibly only to a fraction of what He has in store for me. But even at that, when I sit and I consider all that He’s done for me, I am overwhelmed with emotion.


I’m sitting at a computer at my college library. It’s 10:07 pm on a mundane Tuesday. I’m thinking about God’s love for me. It’s literally arrested my heart and forced me to write these thoughts down.

I only have one plea: let God love you the way He wants to love you. You deserve the purest, most beautiful, most genuine kind of love that exists.

And that only comes from God.

It only comes from God.

Receive it. Accept it. Live it.

My life is a testimony of God’s love.

Let yours tell the same story.

Thank you to all my blog readers. You make this worthwhile (except that of course, even if you all unanimously decided to stop reading my blog from now henceforth, I’d still write because this blog really is my love child with God.)

And there I go with the heavy words again. Hahaha.

Thank you for making me feel loved, for giving me a space in your hearts, and for following my journey.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Today and always.


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