2017 Spiritual Goals Check-In (January)

Sound the alarm! How are you doing on your spiritual goals? What are you doing for the Lord this year? How have you improved in your prayer, bible reading, and serving this year?

Have you been faithful or have you been disobedient? Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

Fortunately for all of us, God is a God of grace. He only wants to know our present as we submit to Him, and He will take total control of our future.

I sat in bed yesterday evening listening to a sermon by Pastor Adeboye titled God of Grace. I heard this sermon about two years ago and I’m pretty sure I blogged about it. Actually, in this post, I wrote very quickly about the fact that Solomon gave God an unprecedented offering that opened the heavens on Solomon.

In this sermon, Pastor Adeboye says that when God wants to bless you, He inspires you to do something absolutely crazy for Him and then He blesses you, so that if anyone wants to accuse God of partiality, He simply points to all that you have done for Him and makes it seem like it’s your profit for the sacrifices that you gave to Him.

Two years ago, this very simple concept blew me away and gave me extra fire for this blog that was still a baby then (it’s a toddler now haha) and made me want to write and write and write.


I sense in my spirit that God is about to do something big for you and me, hence He’s pushing me to tell you this. Is He asking you to do something? Is He asking you to step out in faith? Is He nudging you somewhere?

It’s no accident that this night, sleepy as I am, God has kept me up to listen to this sermon, and has inspired my heart to share this revelation with you. Whenever God asks you to do something for Him, it benefits you and not Him.

There’s only one thing that God cannot do for Himself: He cannot worship Himself. He relies entirely on His creation to worship Him and because man is the highest of all His creation, imagine His joy when we give Him the only food that He can eat. Imagine how God feels when we give Him worship.

When we give Him worship, He comes down to dine with us, and you know that when someone is very well fed, they are in high spirits and there’s almost nothing that they won’t give you if you ask for it.


Is God inspiring you to do something for Him? Is He asking you to worship Him? Is He asking you to spend more time in His presence? God has a sense of humor like that, He’s only setting you up for something bigger and better than you ever imagined.

There truly is nothing like the presence of the Lord and as you make a habit to spend more time with Him and fulfil those spiritual goals you’ve set, the more He’ll give you grace to do more and more and more.

Begin today. Walk in fullness with God today. Surrender to Him and watch Him blow your mind.

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