You are all that's required


I wouldn’t normally share a dream where I did something that wasn’t great, but here it is. I had a dream a few nights ago about my grandfather. I call Pastor Adeboye my grandfather (Baba) for those who are new around here. In my dream I saw Baba leaving his car and about to minister somewhere. He told me to catch him after his ministration. Then I went into a hall to finish up with something that I had been doing. By the time I came out of the hall, he was done with the ministration and asked me to follow him to the car. I had forgotten my papers and prayer requests in the hall so I ran back to get them. That was a stupid decision. There were people in the hall so by the time I ran back and tried to navigate through the crowd to get to my seat and grab my papers, Baba was gone.

Needless to say, I woke up a little sad and disappointed. But I knew that the Lord was showing me the state of my spiritual life. The Lord reveals to redeem.

Job 33:15-18 says

“In a dream, in a vision of the night,

   when deep sleep falls on people

   as they slumber in their beds,

16 he may speak in their ears

   and terrify them with warnings,

17 to turn them from wrongdoing

   and keep them from pride,

18 to preserve them from the pit,

   their lives from perishing by the sword.[b]”

I was praying and thinking about the dream when the Lord revealed the meaning in my heart. He told me that I have been relying on all the things that I have and not on who I am. God only wants a willing person. He only wants Alheri right as I am, right where I am. He only wants me to follow Him just as I am.

He doesn’t want me to come with my degree and knowledge and talent. He wants my willing heart because that trumps all the other accolades that I may have amassed as time has gone by. He only wants someone who will say yes. He only desires a yes because that’s more than enough for Him.


The same is true for you.

Don’t be like me, looking for your papers and your requests and your qualifications to the point where you miss a destiny altering moment. Also, don’t get discouraged if you have a dream like me. Always remember that God reveals to redeem. He will only show you something that He wants to correct. Today that you’ve heard His voice, do not harden your heart. Make time to sit with Him and ask the Holy Spirit to prune you and correct your spirit.

Don’t be like me, thinking that God loves you because of what you’ve done or because of who you are. That is not true. God loves you simply because He does. He doesn’t care about your talents, your abilities, or your shortcomings, He just loves you. He doesn’t wish that you were a different person or that you looked a different way. He doesn’t care that you’ve had those very specific life experiences, neither does He care that you’ve made all those mistakes in the past. He just loves you.

When He calls you, you don’t have to get your accolades to prove that you’re worth His time. You don’t even need a list of prayer points to prove that you have needs. You simply need to say yes to His call. You simply need to recognize His voice and follow suit. The bible calls us to be like sheep, who follow the voice of their master without condition and question. Become a sheep. Become a blind follower. Become a person who places their hand on the plough and refuses to look back.

Oh, I’m no longer the old me. I spoke about that a little here.

Let’s all be new people, shall we?