We keep it moving


We keep it moving Even when we want to sleep the day away or engage in idle chatter

When we want to watch Jenifa’s Diary all day long

We want to get the glory without the painful hard work

Want to at least take sleep and renew our mental faculties

To recover from the mental, emotional, and physical fatigue


We keep it moving

We remember that we are called to be mighty in the land

Remember that we bear the light of Christ

That we are created to do exploits on the good Lord’s earth

We cannot get those exploits while snuggled in our warm and comfortable beds, for we

Are trained in the challenges and adversities of life


We keep it moving

Because we know without any doubt that our strength comes from the Lord

We know that He will renew our strength, as we wait upon Him

Know that He is the wind beneath our sails

Without any doubt that He never fails

Any doubt that comes is crushed by His mighty power


We keep it moving

Because we finally love where we are

We finally are learning to yield to God

Finally doing the things we love

Doing them because we are fulfilled despite the rigor

We know that we are exactly where we are meant to be

And our hard work is an offering to God for His undeserved goodness


Friends, this is my story for the week, and the past few weeks as I’ve been so overwhelmed by my school work. I keep moving because I absolutely love where I am and I’m so grateful for God’s kindness in pointing me in the right direction!

Have a blessed week everyone, may the love of God keep you now and always!

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