What is your motivation?


Part of our anchor text in church today was taken from the story of Elijah’s face-off with the prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18. I have read that passage several time, but as always is the case with the word of God, it spoke to me in an entirely different way. Here’s what I learnt anew today: Elijah’s confidence was not in himself as a prophet of God, but in God’s faithfulness. This simple truth spoke to my heart in very deep ways I’ll try to articulate.

I always have liked Elijah and Elisha. Once I encountered them in depth (but clearly there’s more depth to go into haha) about two years ago, I’ve been fascinated by their story.)

I didn’t grow up reading the bible as much as I read it now. I grew up expressing my love for God in different ways- most predominantly through service. I probably started to read the bible casually (as in, just pick it up and read for no reason kind of casually) when I was about 13. This was because of one of my friends who was in my dorm; I saw her do it, so I started to do it. She probably has no idea how much her good example continues to impact my life till date.

As I continue to understand scripture, I have come to really, really like the prophet duo of Elijah and Elisha. I had perhaps erroneously (or perhaps that’s where I was in my knowledge of God) interpreted their mighty acts for the Lord as a result of their own power and anointing.

Don’t get me wrong. Elijah and Elisha were absolutely very anointed men of God. If you read through 1st and 2nd Kings and see the work that they did for God, you’ll be simply amazed. But in the story of 1 Kings 18, Elijah’s confidence wasn’t in his own might as a prophet of God, but in the God who had called him.

I always wanted to be a person with a mighty anointing from God- raising the dead, commanding the elements, speaking life and encouragement to souls, but I’ve been going about my ambition the wrong way.

While there’s nothing wrong with desiring these wonderful spiritual authority, the better thing to do is to desire the one who gives them completely and wholly, and the power inadvertently follows us.


Elijah wasn't able to call down fire from heaven because he was the most powerful prophet of God in his day, but because of his knowledge of the power and faithfulness of God. I know this may have been obvious to everyone else but me lol, but it was a light bulb moment in my head. It made perfect sense and took so so much pressure off my heart when I didn’t even know it was there.

We only have really one job to do- love the Lord with all our hearts and with all our might. If we do it well, we’ll have access to everything we need in this life. Let’s not go about desiring the power that comes from God, but we should always seek God Himself, because when we find Him, we find His power and so, so, much more!


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