One for my Lulu


Story time, please grab your popcorn. If I delay this one I may never write it so why not do it now if I can? Eight years ago my little sister was born, and she’s changed my and my family’s life. She’s the most joyous, most sassy, and most intelligent 8 year old child I know.

I remember when I came home and saw my mother’s protruding belly. I was confused. Ah, mummy you hadn’t told me you were pregnant. How can you be pregnant at 40? I had read all the statistics and I knew the dangers of having a child that old. But Lucia is a fighter and my mother’s faith is one for the books.

Lucia has spent 8 years on God’s earth and I’m so grateful for her life! She’s my sunshine and I love her deeply and dearly.

She sings for me on the phone, sometimes she cuts the call even before I finish speaking, she barks orders at me, and what not. Her stories always cheer me up, her encouragement keeps me going, and her faith, even at such a tender age, always inspired me.

She’s generous and kind. She doesn’t hold grudges.

She’s always so well put together, she will never leave the house without looking beautiful. Lip gloss, combed hair, clean socks, clean shoes. She does everything that will enhance her appearance.

It’s a little sad that I’ve never celebrated any birthday with my little sister (or with any of my siblings, as far as I can remember) But on this day, I want to wish her a happy, happy birthday.

She’s my little princess, my joy-bringer, and my light.

I can’t wait to see her again and to spend some much needed quality time.

*Daddy please print this one out and personally deliver it to Lulu.

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