The acceptable vice


Are you two faced about some of the things you do? You’re not quite sure if they are acceptable for a child of God, but they’re not quite forbidden by the bible either. Are you engaged in passive disobedience? You hear the instructions of the Lord, you obey His word, but only in your own time and at your own discretion.

Are you withholding something which the Lord has requested from you? You have the time to engage in that spiritually beneficial activity, but you’d rather spend it on something else. You know that you can serve in this or that capacity within your local church, or that you can spread the gospel of Christ, but you’re not taking initiative.

Are you suddenly growing cold feet in keeping your vow to the Lord? Are you making promises to the Lord and defaulting on fulfilling them completely?

Is the Lord asking you to make a specific spiritual commitment which you’re subtly ignoring? Is he impressing upon your heart the need to spend a little more time in prayer, to give up a habit, or to begin a spiritual journey? Are you obeying in completely or are you only doing just enough to get by?

Could you be more loving to your sisters and brothers, whom the Lord has placed around you? Could you be more patient, more giving, more loving, and more caring? Could you spend a little more time comforting the lonely, encouraging the backslidden, and guiding the babes in Christ?

Are you giving in to your human passions? Are you getting drunk and abusing substances which bring only temporary relief to your circumstances? Are you sitting in places where you know without a doubt that the Spirit of God does not approve of, but just because it’s not explicitly stated in the bible, you keep in your habit anyway?

Are you consuming ungodly media? Are you listening to sexual and obscene songs? Are you watching movies and shows which promote ungodly actions such as fornication, adultery and robbery?

Honestly, I could go on and on and deal with this topic for an entire year. Remember that the Lord calls us to be perfect as He is perfect. (Matthew 5:48) The Lord gives us one and only one standard of Christian living, and that is He, Himself. Jesus the Christ is the author and perfecter of our christian faith (Hebrews 12:2) and the only standard we have.

It does not matter if the whole world goes left, if God has decreed that He wants you to go right. It does not matter if the social norms dictate that a certain habit is perfectly acceptable. If it in anyway puts you in conflict with the spirit of God living inside of you, break it off immediately. Jesus demands the very best of all our resources- our time, our mind, and even our financial resources. Are you giving Him your best or are you courting the acceptable vice?

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