The Gift is not yours


You may be the most talented person to ever walk this planet. The trees bow when you strut by, the wind bellows your name, and nations rise to praise you. You may have accumulated fame, fortune and influence. You may have armies of nations at your command. You may have all the weapons needed for mass destruction in your arsenal. Remember, the gift is not yours.

You may never have failed a class, always reining supreme as the most stellar student wherever you've been. You may grasp complicated subjects with the swiftness of light. You may be your teacher’s favorite student, the most well behaved in your school, or even the dream child.

Remember, the gift is not yours.

You may have been born into affluence and influence. Your parents may live in a mansion, drive the fanciest cars, and have servants at your beck and call. You may have a family name that has afforded you access to corridors of power and the most exclusive events.

Remember, the gift is not yours.

You may have come from grass to grace. Your gift may have you sitting among kings and queens. You may rouse a standing ovation everywhere you go. You may be the underdog who blew everyone and their mothers away.

Remember, the gift is not yours.

God has given to you because He wants you to be a blessing to those around you and in your generation. Don't let it get to your head.

When David decided to take a census in 1 Chronicles 21, his action upset the Lord so much that He punished David by killing thousands of soldiers. You may ask what David wrong did in taking a census, but the problem was that David wanted to know his military strength and prowess.

He forgot, in that moment, that the gift was not his, but the Lord’s.

Remember in Daniel 4, when Nebuchadnezzar proclaimed himself the most powerful king in the world, admiring all that he had built and created. Even while the words were still in his mouth, He was disposed of his kingdom and essentially became an animal for seven years. He forgot that the gift was not his but the Lord’s.

Examine your heart today. Are you arrogant, boastful or proud? Are you taking God’s glory for yourself? Have you lost your bearing in life, amassing wealth without giving the Lord His tithes and offerings? 

Remember, remember, that the gift is not yours.

The gift is the Lord’s.

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