What do you do when you don’t believe?


  “For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.” -1 John 5:4 ESV

What do you do when you simply don’t believe?

Sometimes, I will admit, I have unconsciously looked at non-believers as well as believers who are wrestling with their faith and thought to myself: “Ugh. Why can’t they simply believe?” I have looked down on them whether intentionally or intentionally.

Sometimes, I am quick to recognize my pride and judgment, other times I am not so quick to recognize it, even though the Bible says that people are not able to see the Glory of God as seen in the face of Jesus because their minds are blinded and being veiled by the god of this world, Satan. (2 Corinthians 4:4). I have had my times of doubt and unbelief, but soon after, things pretty much return to normal.

Last weekend, (August 20th, 2016), my brother got married. It was a sweet time of love, joy and fellowship with, honestly, my favorite people in this world. I was with my family, love was shared, laughter was dispersed, normal family banter and arguments, more laughter, food, and true love. Jesus was glorified. It was a week of pure gratitude and joy in the Holy Spirit. My faith was -to say the least- strengthened.

Sunday night, the night before I left my family to begin the fall semester, my mum and I stayed up real late at night just worshipping God through our testimony and conversation. We encouraged each other, iron sharpened iron, challenged each other and just felt the Power of the Holy Spirit in our midst. I truly believe God was glorified because wherever His Name is lifted up, He is glorified. I felt untouchable.

I woke up Monday morning to go to the airport. Waiting at the airport, I cracked open my Bible and began to question EVERY SINGLE THING I was reading. “Is this passage really true?” I thought. “Is God really real?” I thought the feelings would evaporate but as the week went on the doubts and unbelief only intensified.

So believer, what do you do when you don’t believe? I spent this week both in a place of joy of how the past weekend was so great and excited about the school year, but also in a place of struggling so bad to shake off unbelief: it certainly isn’t as easy as I thought and it humbled me to know that ANYONE can face doubts and unbelief at any time. But God has not left us alone. I want to share three things I have been holding onto in this season and God certainly is coming though.

This post is part of a series written by blog reader and friend, Muyiwa Oyatogun. I'm really curious to read the concluding part, but to prevent this post from being too long, we all shall finish the post with the concluding part tomorrow.

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