My body, my sanctuary.


I actually am not sure if your body is your sanctuary. Shouldn’t your sanctuary be somewhere a little more spiritual and not physical? Oh well, I don’t know. But I have the worst common cold I’ve had in awhile. My nose is congested and I promise you, I’m only breathing with about 40% of my nostrils now so I feel short of breath. Sorry, not sorry for the too much information, but as the throbbing in my head continues and my right eye is tearing up from the pressure, I cannot but think about happier times when I wasn’t sick or feeling so weak. In the spirit of the Olympics in Rio, I have this short (not-so-poetic) ode to the human body. It’s amazing what shapes and forms our bodies can take. In the very early days of this blog, I published a short piece I had written in honor of my body. It was beautiful, if I can say so myself. I had an absolutely lovely time writing it, and it made me appreciate myself and all that I represent even more. :) :) :)

For the past few days, the world has witnessed athletes from all over the world compete in diverse sports in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We have seen the athletes who gladly and openly flaunt their belief in God (hello Dibaba sisters!) the ones who are badly behaved (side-eyeing you Lochte), and the ones much younger than we are, but rich and talented enough to buy us and our entire villages. Basically, everyone younger than you. :p

One thing that has kept stirring in my mind is the beauty of the human body. With how far we’ve come in medicine and technology, I can only wonder how much more of our bodies is yet to be explored. How much more powerful, and flexible, and irresistible our bodies can be.

I always have been fascinated by the human body. And a lot of it is not sexual. You know the way a lot of people cannot see a burning hot, scantily clad male or female and immediately want to jump in bed with them? Nah, that’s not me. I’m much more sapiosexual- attracted to minds and brains of people than physical. But I digress, when I see a human form, I immediately think about art. I think about how much we can do in dance and gymnastics, in athletics and sports. I think of how much weight we can lift with our body parts, I think of how fast we can run sometimes despite nature.

Did you know that technically, Usain Bolt is too tall to be a good runner? Apparently, when you’re taller, balance is more difficult for you than for a shorter person. (Am I right or wrong? Lol, please let me know lest I spread lies on this blog haha) So it should be rather difficult for him to hurl himself forward against the wind and on such long legs. But look at what he’s been able to do. Bolt is being called the fastest man alive. And yeah, please don’t say there’s some kid somewhere who’s faster then he is, because we don’t know said kid. Sad but true.

I think about Simone Biles and her precision, her body strength and her flexibility. Wow. But that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Humans, we are wonderful creatures. Even without our minds, our bodies alone are spectacular. We indeed are fearfully and wonderfully made!

So as I sit here with a headache, congested nose, and extreme exhaustion, I cheer myself up knowing that my God is a healer, and that soon, I’ll be bouncing and floating around.

I remind myself that the Lord who created my body and the bodies of all the other wonderful athletes in the world neither sleeps nor slumbers.

Finally, I remind myself that I am beautiful. I may not be as athletically talented as Bolt or Biles, but I am special, and I am beautiful.

Till next time, enjoy your sound health and if like me you’re not feeling great, please get well soon. <3

Featured image from here.