Value never begs

Last night, I read something about self worth and value and the phrase "value never begs" jumped at me. I thought I would forget the phrase when I woke up this morning, but I didn't. Hence, I wrote a poem about it. Enjoy!


Sunrise win

Value Never Begs

For time

It is eternal, immemorial

The moon kissing the sea

Sloppy wet or unforeseen kisses

Forceful, yet gentle

Sky and water dance to gravity’s single drum beat

Night after night after night


Value never begs


For space

It is ethereal, delicate

Suffocating, overbearing

Yin and yang

At once at odds

Yet stunningly perfect together

The good and the bad

The dove and the vulture

Peace and cadavers

Decay and tranquility


Value never begs


For memory

The cocktail of posterity

And decadence

Doors whose keys you’ve lost 

Never to return

Pristine sights, your mother’s cheekbones

Delirious beauty

Stored in your heart's pockets of happiness

Compartments upon compartments

Small doses administered in each heartbeat


Value never begs


For the future

Sashaysing through life, content in the now

A compelling aura, a quiet confidence

The tick tock of the clock

The cool blue of dawn

The copper yellow of dusk

Orange brown leaves in November

Buds springing with new life in April


When value beckons

Lay your sword at her feet

Wear your heart on your sleeve

Submit to her charm


She visits but once in a blue moon

Inviting, enchanting, compelling

Never begging.

Image from here.