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Very often when I think about my choice to be a christian, I think about all the good benefits. The companionship with God, the ever present help in time of trouble, the safe haven, the assurance that my life is in His hands. You know, I think of His amazing provision, His love, His care. Everything. I recently came across something that made me rethink my reasons for being with God. That just sounded like God and I are in a romantic relationship, right? Lol. It’s that and everything else. :D :D :D

I think about it as having a friend. Am I with this friend because they have money to spend on me? Because they give me attention, because they buy me gifts and provide for all my material and financial needs? Or am I friends with them because I genuinely love them and love to spend time with them?

I started to think about this a lot in my relationship with God. Do I love God because of everything He gives to me? Because of everything He means to me? Because I need a constant, reliable friend? Or do I love God simply because He is? Simply because He exists and I have come to know His love?

I love God because He first loved me, and because He showed me His love, in that while I was yet in sin, he sent His only son to die for me.

He gave. He gave His son for me. If I were the only sinner in the world, Jesus still would have died for me. Because God loves me that much.

I’ve been learning through my friendships and relationships that love gives. Love is not about what we receive from the other person, it is about what we give to them. So in my relationship with God, I am resolving to give Him more. More time, more energy, more attention. Because our relationship can only be strengthened when I decide to give to Him, and never count the cost. I can only get as close to God as I decide.

Jesus tells us that as many as would come to Him, He will in no wise cast out. He continues to reveal Himself to me once as I continue to long for Him. And make no mistakes, God is so fascinating and so enchanting that you could spend every single hour of your life communing with Him, and still have a long, long way to go!

So here’s to being with God simply because of who He is. Here is to searching for God, for just Him. As much as there are several promises for those who long for Him, I’m not after those anymore, I want Him. Him and Him alone.

It’s a difficult choice to make. Really and truly, we have been conditioned to come to Jesus because of everything that a life with Him holds for us- health, long life, security, provision. All of that is fantastic. But it’s not enough. We really must want God for Him, and Him alone. We really must want God whether or not He decides to give all those other beautiful things to us.

We really must love Him for Him.

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