A Difficult Devotion


Late last night, as I lay in bed reading my bible, I stumbled across one very difficult message from one of my devotionals. This was just before I closed my eyes to sleep, so naturally, I imagined that I wasn’t fully grasping the message of the devotional because I was tired. I’m reading another one by Oswald Chambers in my well loved and well trusted YouVersion Bible App. If you’re on there, add me!

Here is what the devotional said:

(As always, my thoughts in italics)

Peace: Life in the Spirit.


The idea of peace in connection with personality is that every power is in perfect working order to the limit of activity. That is what Jesus means when He says “My peace.” Never have in mind the idea of jadedness or stagnation in connection with peace.

I don’t understand the first sentence. Every power is in perfect working order to the limit of activity. Does that mean you’re as good as your activity limits? Or your power is expressed by the limits of your activity? You’re only as powerful as your limit? I don’t know, what do you think guys?

I do understand the ideas on stagnation. I know that peace is the absence of turbulence. But often, I equate activity with turbulence. Peace often is depicted with a beautiful white dove, calming palm trees, a quiet beach, but we forget that as much as tranquility and peace are synonyms they’re not the same thing. You could have peace even in the most turbulent storms! You could be in hell and still be at peace. But not to worry, you’re not going to hell because you’re a child of God. That’s sappy but I just couldn’t resist! :p


Health is physical peace, but health is not stagnation; health is the perfection of physical activity. Virtue is moral peace, but virtue is not innocence; virtue is the perfection of moral activity. Holiness is spiritual peace, but holiness is not quietness; holiness is the intensest spiritual activity.

How do we perfect our moral activity? How do we ensure that every little thing we do is “moral.” What is moral? For one, I know living in consistency with the will of God ultimately will lead to virtue. What does “holiness is not quietness” mean? I would equate holiness with quietness of spirit. Friends, please help!

The profound realization of God makes you too unspeakably peaceful to be capable of any self-interest.

When you come into the full realization of God, you’re too peaceful to care about anything else, even (or should I say especially) yourself! This would be pure bliss, wouldn’t it?

Reflection Questions: In what ways does inactivity give a false sense of peace? Why is activity required for peace? Why does self-interest have in part in peace?

Now head on to the comments section and answer the reflection questions, please and thank you! If you’re too shy, you can send me an email at msalheri@gmail.com