#MsAlheriUncensored "What's all this?"


Hello friends! Today is the part 2 of the series I started last week. I’m answering questions about childhood, lifestyle, and my relationship with God. Enjoy!

Earliest childhood memory? When I was about two or three, we were moving houses, and my uncle broke a bottle of honey. My friend and I sat on the floor and started eating the honey right out of the broken bottles. I wondered if they were going to come shout at me, but my uncle simply took away the pieces of the broken bottle. Actually, I have vague memories before that. Like of this clown figure we called Papalolo, who would walk around the neighbourhood blowing a trumpet, and all the kids would dance with him on the street. I remember that his costume was purple and yellow, just gotta crosscheck with my mum! My life was like a carnival before I started school. Haha!

What’s your earliest memory? Was it as early as mine? Teehee!

Favorite childhood memory?

I don’t know if I have a favorite one per se, but probably hanging out with my mummy. When I still was the only child (and when my siblings were really tiny), she bought me a small table and chair and would revise what I learnt in school with me. Every.Single.Day. I was such a smart kid that one time, I had 100/100 in a series of continuous assessment tests when I was in primary 3. I don’t know the American equivalent, but that’s when you’re about 7.

happy child

Worst childhood memory?

Uhm, probably the day armed robbers attacked our house. But it’s not MY worse, in that I had no idea what was going on. I basically followed the robbers (who openly told my dad that they knew him personally and were sent to attack his home)  around the house until my mum called me back to the room. Also, they took all her new expensive new clothes which she had been gifted, as my little brother had just been born.

Sadly, they also raped my aunty. That was my first experience with rape, and although I did not see it happening, I heard her screams from the room where I was. I cannot imagine the trauma she must have endured.

What was primary (elementary school like?)

It was fun, my name always appeared on the list of the noise makers, because even on days when I was not particularly making noise, I already had a reputation for being a chatterbox. Also, my mother was really popular because she was friends with everyone- and she RESPECTED everyone! That’s one thing I’ve learnt from her: she treated everyone, even the school cleaners, security men, and gardeners with a lot of respect and kindness! That’s a big deal in Nigeria (and around the world, actually) where domestic staff and uneducated people are seen as “less than”

Do you remember your first day in school ever?

I do. I cried throughout the day, although we lived right across the street. Lol, once a cry baby! And I think my mum came to take me out for lunch or something!




What would constitute your perfect day?

No hassle to get to work early haha! Enough time and quiet to read, write, and reflect. Then go out into the world and kill whatever is for the killing! Haha! To be honest, this could be my reality if I just wake up early. But I sleep for 7-8 hours every night and I still feel tired! I clearly need to analyze my diet and throw in some exercise!

What is your outlook to life?

I’m really optimistic. Actually, I’m borderline unrealistic. But I don’t have a single dream yet I haven’t accomplished. Do I? I never imagined being here a few years ago, so if God has brought me this far, then this is only the beginning!


What is your favorite food?

Nigerian traditional meals. I love vegetable soups (or stews as my Ghanaian frens will say)

What is your proudest moment?

Probably delivering the valedictory speech at my high school graduation. I don’t know why that’s such a special moment for me, but it’s possibly because it was the first time that I believed that I could dream of something and have it come to pass. I had wanted to do that speech since the second year of my six years in that school! And I got to do it!

What advice would you give yourself three years ago?

The same thing I’d say to myself today. There’s always more to God. If you keep searching with Him, you SURELY will find something more exciting, more inspiring, and more beautiful.


Relationship with God

Have you ever struggled with your faith?

I don’t really know how to answer this question because I’ve never doubted the presence of God, or His existence. For a really long time now, I’ve made up my mind that even if Christianity is a hoax, and God doesn’t exist, I’d much rather have spent my life believing that He did.

What ministry has God called you to in your walk with Him?

Teaching. I love reading the word of God, talking about it, answering questions, and guiding people in the word! Also, I like worship, but I wish I had a nicer voice haha! Also, yeah, I like to pray. Haha.


What’s one miracle you’ve seen God perform in your life?

A lot! But there was this time that I was sick and dying lol. Yeah, I was about 10 years old, and the nurse in the ward where I was admitted was watching TV really loudly (I think to keep herself awake, as it was a night shift.) I had been given a drip but I think it went to the wrong place? And before I knew what, my palms and feet were losing color, and my eyes too were looking weird, basically I was going pale. Somehow, I was able to get the attention of my mum and the nurses. And the rest is history because you know how the story ended, seeing as I’m still here today. :D The next day, people were trooping to the ward where I was and looking at me like I was an exhibition. Like, oh this is the girl who almost died last night.

What’s one spiritual gift you’re particularly grateful for?

One recent gift I received that I’m grateful for is speaking in tongues. I coveted it so bad, and when God gave me the gift, it became my favorite. But there’s so much more that I want!

One gift you’re praying for?

I think the gift of prophecy. I want God to trust me with delivering the messages that He has for His children.



That's it for today friends! Stay tuned for part three next week, and if you missed last week's edition it's here.