Vision and Enlargement


Mentality determines reality. What does not cross you mind cannot cross your life. Even when it comes by accident, it disappears because you’re not expecting it, and do not know how to deal with it. In Gen 13:15 God told Abraham, “as far as your eyes can see, I shall give unto you.” How big do you dream? How does vision bring about enlargement? This is why you need to have a vision for your life, and for other goals. What occupies your heart determines what you attract into your life. The size of vision determines both the size of your plan and the size of action. A big vision produces a big plan, and big action. Vision is the fuel of speed. Habakkuk 2:2 What a man sees determines what God gives. Vision is a department of faith. Faith is a tool for enlargement. You cannot have faith and not have vision! Vision brings wisdom and wisdom brings enlargement. Men of vision in the bible were men of wisdom, and by this they experienced enlargement in their lives. Vision moves with wisdom, visionary people are wise people, and by the frequency of their vision, they begin to take boundaries.

Guard your Heart and Mind

Prov 4:23 Keep the heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues The heart and mind operate like a spiritual magnet. When a criminal moves into a place, he identifies other criminals. A person will attract resources, opportunities and personalities that are in line with what occupies his heart. Vision attracts not just provision, but opportunities and provision. When you have largeness of heart, largeness emerges around him. It is not possible to live a big life with a small mind. You cannot see a mega outcome with micro insight. A person’s life moves in the direction of their most dominant thought or vision. David’s vision was to bring down Goliath. He had no idea how to do it, but the vision was that This Giant Must Come Down. So God showed David an opportunity on the forehead of Goliath. While everyone saw Goliath as too big to bring down, David saw him as too big to miss. The vision that occupies your heart determines what God will cause your eyes to see. 1 Samuel 17:40 The stone that killed Goliath was not imported, it was lying right by him. And it was not far from where Goliath was. Your answers answers are always close to problems.

In Exodus 4:14, when the Lord was calling Moses to lead the Israelites out of bondage, the Lord just needed Moses to accept the vision, although Moses complained about being a stammerer. The Lord provided Aaron, who already was on his way to Moses.

Write the vision, make it plain.

Don’t think of the budget first, think of the vision. Use scriptures to paint BIG pictures of your expectation. Use the word of God to think big. That begins with spiritual vision, the number of souls to win, how much money to pump into the work of the Lord, etc.

Take time to plan out your course of action. Write the vision and make is plain. What does it take to actualize this vision? What does it take to move from where I am to where I need to go? Act massively and promptly. That He may run that reads it. But it must be founded on the spiritual. Your bearing in life is taken from your spiritual bearing. This year shall be your best yet.

This was culled from a sermon I listened to on Sunday. I usually write out all my posts based on what I’m learning from the Lord, but this was a perfect follow up from yesterday so I decided to share.

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