Detach yourself, no one owes you anything.

No one owes you anything. The sooner you know that, the better for you. I have learnt this lesson over time, as I left my parents’ home (as many of you) quite early on. To a large extent, I have developed independently of my parents. But only to an extent.

Just an aside. One of the Hausa words for Holy Spirit is “the gossip”. Haha. But think about it though, the Spirit of God is a Gossip. If you’re close to God, He tells you things that you ordinarily shouldn’t know about. He ensures that you always are one step ahead of your competitors, and that you have all the information that you need, whether it is “classified” or not. So yeah, aside from my closeness with my parents, my mother especially, I believe that the Holy Spirit tells her some of my classified information!

That said, my mother and father do not owe me anything, especially now that I am over 21, an adult in all ramifications.

Chances are, your parents or guardians have sacrificed an arm and a leg for you to get the education that you have.

Even if they were not there for you, per se, that’s not an excuse. Don’t get me wrong, I too have been failed by my parents on some counts, and there are things about them that I wish I could change. But that's not an excuse. I don’t believe it when people say that they wouldn’t change anything about their past, I think that life always could have been better. And you don’t have to suffer to have come to anything, not resilient, not hardworking, not determined. True, difficulty brings out some of those things, but it is not absolutely necessary. Please feel free to disagree with me in the comments (or personal message).

In the same vein, your friends do not owe you anything. We are all in this world trying to get better. We’re each fighting our own battles, so when you lay your problems on your friends’ shoulders, remember that they too, have their own struggles and troubles.

When you let go of your expectations of other people, you really focus on the one person that deserves all your expectation.

Okay, really, there are two people who owe you something: God and yourself.

Technically, God has given you all that He owes you. He has given His life that you may have eternal life. So what else do you want? Really? :D

You owe yourself everything. You owe it to yourself to make use of the things that have been given to you in this life. You owe it to yourself to protect your salvation with fear and trembling. If there’s anything that has been holding you back, let it go. You owe it to yourself to live your fullest, most joyful, most exciting life.

It has nothing to do with how much you have, although it’s nice to have things. It’s nice to afford a few luxuries in life, but it’s only by your own doing that you’ll get to where you want to be.

Doubt it? At the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus felt abandoned by His friends. At the cross, He felt abandoned by His Father, the one who is the definition of Love. The one who sent His son to pay the ultimate sacrifice.

There are times when, just like Jesus, you will feel alone. You will feel lonely. You will feel abandoned. Thankfully, you’ll never be abandoned by God because Jesus already went through that so that we don’t have to.

Whatever you want in this life, fight for it on your knees. I know that I am who I am because of my mother’s prayers. But even if I lose my parents today (my worst nightmare), that’s not the end of my life. I will have to keep moving. And I will move only by fixing my eyes on Jesus.

This does not mean that we should ignore all the kind people who have paved a way for us in life. Ingratitude is the mother of all sins. Adam and Eve were ungrateful for the much that they had in the garden, hence they fell to the serpent’s temptation.

Be grateful for every single, little thing you’re given by people. In fact, this is the secret to gratitude. When you feel entitled, you won’t be grateful.

Break free. Shake off the shackles of dependency. Get on your knees and win your battles. Pray for yourself. Pray for yourself. Pray. For. Yourself. Burn the midnight candle. Think of ways to make life better for yourself. It’s those who fight who win. Those who remain in the comfort of another's protection seldom need to fight, and seldom encounter victory. Don’t depend on mother, father, siblings, or friends.

Jesus is the only hope you have. Fix your eyes on Him and do the needful.

Walk away like I'm doing in this lovely picture! :D :D :D

Alheri Walk Away