It doesn't make sense. (Testimony time)


It doesn’t make sense that I’m sitting here, in front of a beautiful lake, admiring the creation of the Lord. No, not the admiration part, the sitting in front of a lake part. It doesn’t make all my expenses are paid, and all I have to do is read my bible and books, write and just be.

Neither does it makes sense that I have an internship this summer where I’m earning in one month, what I earned in thirteen weeks last year.

I thought I had seen it all.

I have shared a few testimonies on this blog before. I have written the good things that the Lord has done for me, I have told you all how it doesn’t make sense that I’m where I am today.

I don’t get it, I just do not.

I rarely talk about the things that I do to keep my relationship with the Lord going. Because it’s never about what I do. And I mean that very honestly lol. All I do is cry out to the Lord. I cry and I pray. I cry and pray and listen to Pastor Adeboye’s sermons and I pray when he asks us to pray and I sit and take notes as he teaches.

If you’re interested, this is the most recent sermon that changed everything for me.

You will NOT regret listening to it. Take that from me.

I also always pay my tithes and offerings. Honestly, money does not have much meaning for me. I’ve done a compulsory fast, eating only once daily, because all I could afford was one meal a day. Did you know that?

I remember when last summer, I was desperate to find free housing because I could not afford to pay house rent. The Lord gave me that free housing, and till date, my friend laughs at me because she believes that I like free stuff. She doesn't know while she was on a full scholarship, my family was struggling to pay fees and that I haven't received pocket money from my parents in over two years, and that I sometimes have to send money back home, or give it to my friends who are in dire need. Lol. I do like free stuff, but it would be nice to afford some of these things, no?

I do want to be wealthy, stupendously wealthy, but whether or not I do become filthy rich, it’s my relationship with God that I care more about.

Here’s one tiny secret. I believe in making heavyweight offerings. Last summer, the Lord placed it on my heart to make a flat rate offering of $50 per week. That was not my tithe amount, it was just a figure that I had in my head to pay to the Lord. He also instructed me to buy dinner (several times) for some homeless men who always begged for alms in front of the Cathedral of St. Matthew in Washington D.C., where I went to evening mass daily.

I’ve emptied my bank account to the Lord and laid it all on the altar before. It wasn’t much, but it was everything I had. I’ve given much more than I could afford. To my friends, my parents, in tithes and offerings.

Because ultimately, everything comes from the Lord. It is not mine. I do not own it, I have not made it anywhere because of anything.

Do you know that I once was only five positions away from the bottom of the class of about one hundred kids? And I got pretty close to that position several times. Call me a dullard if you want, but look what the Lord has done! I cannot even claim any bragging rights because I would just be lying. Lmaoo! 

I don’t have anything by my own power.

It doesn’t make sense that this semester when I was harassed continually by student financial services because of outstanding fees, I had the best academic performance of my college career so far. Shamefully, I even had to nerve to complain about my GPA because I had moved from a B- at the beginning of the semester to an A- (why didn’t I have an A and a perfect GPA?)

I currently don’t even have housing on campus, neither have I registered for classes for next semester. :D :D :D


I don’t even remember the last time there was not a hold on my student account. Class selection, what’s that? Room selection, what’s that?

If not for the Lord, where would I be?

It doesn’t make sense that someone called me a few days ago and offered to pay my outstanding fees for the past semester and for the upcoming school year. I did not ask. I did not ask. I did not ask. The Lord mentioned my case to them and they came to my rescue. That's why the Holy Spirit is called Gossip in Hausa language. 

Where would I be, if not for Jehovah Jireh, my provider.

It doesn’t make sense that within three days, the Lord gave me an internship that exceeded all my expectations, complete with a down payment to cover accommodation, transportation and moving costs. I didn’t even need that money because I’m not paying for accommodation. Yeah, the Lord also gave me free housing. 

It doesn’t make sense.

I thought I had seen it all. When I thought He had done enough, Jesus did it again. And again. And again.

The Lord has told me the amount He wants me to give back to Him this time. None of that money from my first internship is for me. 20% for God, 20% for a friend’s fees, about 40% for siblings' fees, and He is yet to tell me what to do with the last 20%.

When I begin to think of the things that the Lord has done for me, I have no words. This is the most emotional post I’ve ever written here. If this were a video, there’d be lots and lots of tissues.

If you have a moment, please say thank you to Jesus for me.

Tell Him I’m beyond grateful.

Tell Him I don’t deserve all of this.

Tell Him that He does exceedingly, abundantly, above all that I ask or imagine.  

Please, even if I’ve never asked you for anything before. Even if you’ve never done anything for me before. Even if we’re not friends, or you don’t know me from Adam.

Please tell Jesus “Thank you Jesus for all you’ve done for Alheri.”

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