Let yourself go in His presence


I sit at work feeling very tired and sleepy. I recently moved to a different room on campus- and because this new room is close to the road, the noise from moving vehicles has prevented me from sleeping well all week. So sad because I love to sleep. Anyway, here am I at work, and all that’s on my mind is heading home to sleep (or try to sleep). But then I decide to play a song that’s been on my mind for a while. I first heard this song one afternoon, when my roommate Amber insisted that I stop the music I was playing and play this instead.

It’s a lovely, lovely, worship song by Benjamin Dube. It’s really powerful, so I urge you to listen, and let yourself go in the presence of God. God is truly amazing, and really, all He requires from us is the willingness of heart. Completely, totally, and utterly surrender yourself to God and He will take you to heights that you never imagined possible.


I hope you’ve tremendously enjoyed that song. Here is another song by Benjamin Dube I completely love.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woMNIcN-RoU I really hope you've enjoyed both of these songs. These songs always bring the presence of God so strongly that they almost always make me emotional.

All the best with the weekend guys! May God keep you in His love


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