Lemonade made me do it

Hello friends, Yes, this post is about Beyonce. Two nights ago, I watched the beginning of her new visual album and somehow, I started to write sad poems. It sort of just came, knocked on the door my heart, and as always, I'm sharing with you all.

This afternoon, I watched the rest of the album and I am in awe of her artistry. I know people say she doesn't write her own songs, or do the mixing and mastering of her albums, or whatever. But we have to realize that part of being a great artist is identifying the best people and creating a dream team. You don't need to be an all round genius, you just need to master your niche and get others who have mastered their niches together to create magic with you.

I respect her artistry, I respect her power and her force. I respect her ingenuity, although I don't listen to her music a lot. As a matter of fact, I hardly do. But she's a true artist, and she's responding to political and social issues in her art, which I really respect.

Without further ado, here are the poems. I also included a few pictures I took during the winter. No, I don't miss winter, I just like the pictures, which were all taken with my smart phone.

I have only done minimal edits so these are mostly in the first draft. I'll work on them and share my progress as I go along.

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Where do you go when you go quiet?

When you go inside your head

Is it the safe place we once shared?

The one we created 

When you held my hand

Blindfolded me with your love

And whispered promises of forever into my ears?

I go back to that place every night

Hoping I’d find you there

Waiting for me, holding your heart on a platter

Because mine’s all yours 


But you’ve gone


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


I tried to wear a skin over my anger

Washed it in your lies

Moisturized it with my hate for you

But one day it tore at my flesh and left me

My insides erupted and I became

A bag of bones. 

An empty sac.

Too torn to be fixed,

Too broken to be

 I snuffed the candle

Followed the darkness, found you in hell

Waiting for me. 


(no title yet)

Teach me how to revenge

For the children he fathered with another

For the times he made you weep your heart out

For the times he made you feel inadequate

All the secret tears and groans your pillow holds dear

You told me, forward is the only way to go, baby

Walk into the light, follow it, until it consumes you

But these demons call me back into the past

And in your hollow eyes

I see the promise of redemption

But you exist in my past only. 

So return I must,

Or this light will blind me.


 That's it for today friends. I have papers to work on, but as you probably can tell, I was feeling creative so I worked on pictures and poetry, and of course, decided to share.