Having Difficult Conversations


Hello friends! I hope you’re all doing great. I missed my usual soundtrack for the week yesterday. I’m so sorry, I missed the post because I had a horrible headache so I went to bed right after church. I had a chorale (my college choir) concert earlier in the afternoon and I was going to write about my love for music and how one of our songs (in our secular choir) was inspired by the prophet Elijah.

The song is called Life thine eyes, and it's inspired by the story in 1 Kings 19, when Jezebel wanted to kill Elijah because He called down fire from heaven and killed hundreds of ball's prophets. Elijah fled to the wilderness, and asked God to kill him (yeah yeah, he was suicidal, lonely and frustrated so can we stop with the silence over depression especially in the church?) It's a really interesting story so please check it out in 1 Kings 19. I'll condense the story by stating that God came through for Elijah, assured Him of His unwavering love, told him about other prophets, and asked him to anoint Elisha as his successor. 

Anyway, I do feel much better today, and I’ll like to share something inspiring that’s happening on my college campus right now.

A friend of mine Nana Serwaa is organizing an apologetics event on campus. My college campus is very secular and most people don’t know about Jesus and a good number haven’t even heard about Him. There’s a lot of work to be done because the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. So it’s really commendable to see someone organize an event like this. Nana Serwaa and the other members of the Apologetic Committee have invited a christian professor and an atheist professor to have a conversation about the faith. I’ll be volunteering at the event, and I believe it will be pretty cool.

I’ll share the lessons I learn from the event with you all, and I know that it will be life changing.




Other than that, it’s a busy week for me as a schoolgirl, so I hope that I can get some writing done. Also, I’ve been dealing with a lot of fear. Fear in my school work, that my efforts will not be enough. Fear that I’ll do badly in school, fear that I’ll not be satisfied with my college experience when I’m done. Sigh.

These things are real, at least for me. Please let me know in the comments section if you’ve felt this way before. Inadequate? Insufficient? Insecure? If I’m the only one, don’t say anything haha.

I'm quite in good company because Jesus felt some fear at the garden of Gethsemane. But if you’ve felt this way and have overcome the thoughts, please let us know and share your testimony in the comments section.

Till next time, stay safe and shine your light! :D