I'm Nostalgic, Reminiscing and sharing three reasons why you should spend more time alone

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Today I’m a little nostalgic. I miss my secondary school (or high school for my American friends). I attended a catholic boarding school in Nigeria and lent was my very favorite season of the year because of how intimate it is! On Fridays, we had stations of the cross, a deeply spiritual exercise where we walked (literally and figuratively) through the crucifixion and death of Jesus. I love church, I always have, and I wrote about it here, but I particularly love lent because it’s such an intimate season! Now you can imagine how nostalgic I am since I can't experience lent with my friends, sing all those lovely, lovely songs, and sometimes cry.

Press play on this lovely song, while we get on to the topic of the day.


Today’s topic is Solitude, which is a state of being alone, in isolation, or in seclusion. When I spend time alone, I literally just sit and let my mind wander and wonder. I'm hesitant to call it prayer because I don't exactly pray or meditate, I just sit and let the mind run wild. Meditation and prayer seem more deliberate, but when I think of solitude, I think of just being alone- mentally and physically. Not with a book, or a tablet, just alone.

Solitude it one of the most essential skills in life. I believe that we all need a certain measure of both physical and mental detachment to function at our highest capacity.We need to be alone so that we can refill ourselves and pour into others.

Research has shown several benefits to solitude, but here are a few that I’ve gained personally.

1. Solitude helps me know myself. When I sit alone, I just be with myself, so I'm forced to learn about myself and understand my motivations and desires. I think about why I think about the things I think about (isn't that such a fun sentence? :D), why I reason the way I do, and why I’m bothered by those things that bother me. I ask God why He made me the way that I am- not in a bad way lol, but more about what my purpose is. I think about the things I love, the things that bring me true, undiluted joy, the times when I feel the most love, and I ask myself (and God) why that is. I am a better person when I have spent time alone. I work through my confusion and I deal with emotional messes so that I don’t spill them on others.

2. Solitude keeps my creative juices flowing. I like to write, a lot. It’s not always poetry or fiction, but I have a lot of thoughts about very many things, and I want to be an outstanding writer. Read some of my fiction here, and learn more about my writing here. If I didn’t spend quality time alone, I wouldn’t have the time to sort through my thoughts and write out the crap. Not everything I write is great, but sitting alone and going through the laborious process (of thinking) helps me to peel off the layers of crap until I get to the gems hidden underneath and/ or lurking around in my head.

3. I find (and listen) to my own voice. It’s very possible to get carried away in the cacophony of the world. It’s easy for your own unique voice to be lost through the different opinions we hear through the day. But when we spend time with ourselves, we truly learn what our own unique inner voices sound like. When I spend time alone, I can sift through my emotions and feelings, and for instance, decide why exactly I think Donald Trump shouldn’t be president.

Finally, I went a'picture taking. The pictures are not as nice as I’d have liked because it was cloudy today. Can someone please give me $600 to buy this very lovely camera I want to own? Go on, be generous and help me live my dreams haha.


That's it for today friends! Have a lovely lovely week ahead and may the love of God chase you down and overshadow you (what a lovely blessing that is!)

I love you but Jesus loves you so much more that He literally died for you!