A Photo Project

Hello friends, I hope you're all doing well

For today, I have our weekly soundtrack and a few pictures I took a few days ago while playing with my phone camera. I think the pictures look quite decent. What say you? I'm thinking of writing short poems to attach with each of these pictures. I'm just quite shy to share the poems I write, but God will deal with that soon :D

I'm not sharing anything personal today because I already shared a lot in my last post :D

I wrote a few random personal things and I hope you loved it. I did enjoy working on that post quite a lot, and I'd like to do more spontaneous personal posts like that more often.

Here is your song for the week. It's a little bit of a different song but I really like it and I hope you do also!


Just incase you're wondering, I took all the pictures myself, but I have to upload them at that size because they don't look as good when they're huge *insert sad face*

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Have a lovely week ahead and may the love of God keep us all. Xx