Three Women Who Inspire Me


If you’re here to read about women in history, please get with the vibe that this girl is a Christian blogger so it’s all bible women! *This sounded really funny in my head so please indulge me and laugh! A little update for those who care about my cold. I’m feeling much better- the pounding headache is gone but the nose still hasn’t cleared and I still can’t sleep very well. I had initially planned to blog yesterday but I had zero energy so I slept for five hours in the afternoon/ early evening. Anyway, by His stripes I am healed

Here's your song for this post. My faveeeee song!

Today I’m talking about three women from the bible who inspire me. This is in honor of the International Women’s Day, so I want to shine a torch on the women that have inspired us for centuries, and of course, they’re all from my favorite book of all time!

1. Mary, the Mother of Jesus: I’m catholic incase you didn't know, and although I’ve missed Sunday mass this lent (because, sickness), I'm very grateful for my catholic identity. I grew up honoring (not worshipping, big difference) the Blessed Virgin Mary as one woman that allowed God to use her completely. Whenever she's mentioned in the bible, she was smack in the will of God. She endured the pain of watching Jesus on the cross and she bore it bravely. Imagine watching the son of God, our own son, die right before your eyes. The pain Jesus underwent certainly was beyond comprehension, but imagine the pain in His mother's heart as she watched her one and only child die on the cross.

From the Blessed Virgin, we learn that even when we’re not the one at the helm of a ministry, we have to support those around us who are doing the work of God. That too, is the work of God.

2. Alabaster Woman- She’s the one who anointed Jesus with very expensive perfume. She was criticized by the disciples of Jesus, but Jesus activated His voltron mode and came to her defense (let me know if that should have been spelt defence, I’m not sure). They said she was wrong for anointing Him with expensive oil when she could have sold the oil and given the money to the poor. Jesus told them that the poor always will be with them, but He was leaving soon. After reading this, I thought about the times we give huge amounts of money (not your tithe or offering, but just the other money we donate) to the church or when we invest in our personal spiritual lives. I wonder what Jesus would say. I think perhaps, not everyday help the poor, sometimes spend time and invest in your own personal spirituality. *I want to go on pilgrimage to Israel. Jesus please give me money to go on pilgrimage. That would be my own alabaster oil to pour on the feet of Jesus. I could spend it on the poor, but I want to go to Jerusalem. That was random but yeah.

3.Esther- Every heard the quote “perhaps you are queen for a time such as this”. If you haven’t please don’t judge me for my bible friends lol :D We legit communicate in bible speak and laugh over bible stories. As though to confirm what I'm saying, my roommate just called my name to ask if I knew that Eli was personally hurt when the Israelites asked for a King (1 Samuel). When Eli went to speak with God, the Lord told Eli not to be offended because the people were asking for a king. God reminded Eli that it was an insult to Him, the Lord, and not to Eli. Yeah, you don’t always need to engage in religious arguments. It’s not always wise. Just pray for God to minister to the hearts of people. Evangelism is different from arguing over Christianity. Don’t be mistaken. Anyway, back to Esther. 

I like Esther because when the time came for a leader, Esther rose to the challenge. She declared three days of fasting for the entire nation of Israel.

And before Esther went to speak with the King, she said “if I die, I die”. *Slow clap* have you ever been so passionate about something that you’ve been ready to lay down your life? That’s precisely what Esther did. May the Lord give us the courage to face adversity.

That’s it for today friends. I wanted to do five women but I feel progressively worse since the time I started writing. What is this life?

Have a lovely week friends, may the Lord strengthen us and keep us!

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