Soundtrack for your Week


Hello friends! I hope you're all doing great.

For today's mellow Sunday post, I'm sharing a few songs that I'm currently loooooving. I randomly decided to feature Tasha Cobbs songs this evening so get ready to treat your ears to some vocal powerhouse awesomeness!

If you'd like more posts like this, let me know and I'll try my best to do it as often as possible. Or perhaps, it could be a Sunday thing?

One random thing- I loooooove music. I'm that annoying person who's always wearing earphones and listening to music. Teehee. Also, if you have music you'd like me to check out, do let me know. :)

If you're feeling energetic and funky, try this song by Tasha Cobbs.

If you'd rather have a chilled out day and you want some softer music, why don't you try this song. Actually, of the three songs here, this next song is my favorite. I like the tempo and the lyrics.

If you've enjoyed the two songs above, you might want to try this last one. I love love love the lyrics. It makes me wonder though, am I sure I'll provide the sacrifice? Note- a sacrifice is not just a gift. A sacrifice demands much more than just a gift. So if you're singing this song, make sure that you know what you're singing :D But I promise you, if you give a befitting gift to the Lord, you life will never be the same again.

That's it for today friends!

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Have a lovely week and God bless and keep you!