A Song, a personal story, and a confession


Hello friends, I hope you’re all doing great. I’m sitting on my bed this Sunday evening wondering where the weekend has gone to, and how I’ll read an entire book ahead of tomorrow’s class. Oh well, I still have to do my devotion and blog right?

Today I’m sharing a song from one of my favorite albums ever. The song is called Take all the Glory and it’s from Mairo Ese’s first album called The Worship of Yahweh. Suffice it to say that every morning I wake up early enough to do my devotion, I listen to this album to get in the zone for worship. I’m thinking of reviewing some of my favorite music on the blog so yeah, I’ll hopefully get that done sometime soon.

Here is the song. Press play while you proceed to read the rest of the post :)


Personal Story- I’ve recently been worried about the performance of my blog. I'm worried because having been a blogger for about a year now, I’m not seeing the kind of traffic I hope for. I spoke with my friend Priscilla who blogs here and is much more versed in the blogosphere than I am. She told me not to worry about the numbers but to blog for the passion. I do love to write/ talk/ think about God, so that works. However, there’s a desire for growth that I can’t just shake off. As I said here, I have made investments in my blog, though. Yay for me! I opened a Facebook page, a twitter account, and an instagram account. I also bought my domain, and a new theme. Sadly, I haven't come around to designing the blog to the full potential of the theme due to my being a non tech savvy individual. Tears.

I do know though, that God has asked me to prepare the grass and the sheep will come (apologies for referring to you my darling readers as sheep, but that's bible speak so don’t be offended). But I need to keep reminding myself that growth takes time and consistency. Consistency, Alheri, consistency. Not sporadic posting, consistency.

Anyway, at the end of the day, the Lord will judge me based on my obedience to Him and not how many people read my thoughts on the word of God or sought my help. And that’s such good news!

The Confession- I’m finally beginning to understand that affliction is good for us. Affliction being any unpleasant of stress situation- health problems, financial constrain, relationship trouble, that kind of stuff. Failure is good, trouble is good. No, don't become the devil's punching bag. Affliction is only good when, and only when God permits it. Think about it, friends. Jesus had to die at Calvary. He had to endure suffering and humiliating death for our sake.

Truthfully, I had planned to do an entire post or series on the benefits of affliction but my thoughts are not even fully formed yet. Notwithstanding, here are a few things I'd like to share for now.

1. Affliction makes us stronger- When you’ve been through the fire and made it out alive, you know that life is a bed of roses, thorns inclusive. Think about suffering like sports: the more you train, the stronger your muscles become, and the higher your endurance and stamina. When we make it through suffering, we become stronger and wiser, with a certain sense of accomplishment and invincibility. When you’ve been through stuff, you can look back on your life and proudly say, “I made it!” You never can tell how strong a person is unless they’ve had to endure some difficult circumstances.

2. Suffering provides deeper revelation of God's word. David says “it is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I may learn your statutes”. It is when we’re suffering that we understand the many facets of God. Unless you’re broke, you’ll never see God as your provider. God only becomes your ever present help in time of need when you’re out of options. You only know Jehovah Rapha when you’re in need of healing. Some of us want to have intimate relationships with God but we never want to pass through fire. In order to grow in your relationship with God, you need revelation. A lot of revelation only comes about by perseverance, and perseverance is a product of *drumroll* suffering.

3. Afflictions build character. The apostle Paul also says that “tribulations produce perseverance, and perseverance, proven character, and proven character, hope, and hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us”. When we go through difficult times, we becomes stronger people with stronger characters that have been tested and proven. A person of good character is humble, wise, and reliant on God. Suffering keeps us humble and dependent on God, just as we should be. Are you trying to get ahead of God? Are you trying to move from one level of responsibility to another? Are you taking the glory for your accomplishments? When we suffer for the gospel, we truly understand that God is our sustenance, and that rids us of pride.

Okay, I like to do things in threes, so perhaps I’ll share more of what I’ve learnt another time.

Have a fantastic week friends.

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