Disobedience is Expensive (Story Time)

Is God asking you to do something? Is He whispering in your ears? Is He tugging at your heart? It is in your best interest to listen. When we listen to God, we open the door to supernatural encounters. Let’s talk about Abraham for a moment. God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, and when Abraham complied, God was so moved that He made a covenant with Abraham. Imagine making a covenant with the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Yup, till date, the seed of Abraham is blessed. If you’re a christian, you’re a child of Abraham, and you probably want to invoke his fatherly blessings over your life because God explicitly states that Abraham’s seed is blessed forever.

Similarly, whenever God gives a command, He attaches a promise that is dependent on our commitment to doing His will. In 1 Kings 17, the Lord had already asked the widow of Zarephath to prepare a meal for him for the prophet Elijah, even before the prophet met her. If she had disobeyed the prophet when he asked her to prepare her last morsel of food for him, she would have forfeited her divine encounter with God. From that encounter, she started walking in prosperity because the jar of flour was not used, neither did the jug of oil run dry.

On the contrary, disobedience shuts doors and takes away the presence of God from among us. In 1 Samuel 15, God explicitly asked Saul to destroy everything in Amalek, but Saul decided to save the choicest of the land to offer a sacrifice to God. On first thought, this seems like a fantastic idea. Of course, God wants a sacrifice, of course God loves sacrifices. But if you’re offering a sacrifice in disobedience, you are deceiving yourself. Because of Saul’s disobedience, God rejected him as king. From that day, the spirit of the Lord departed from Saul and Israel was taken from the hand of Saul. Although Saul pleaded with Samuel and offered sacrifices to God, Samuel told him explicitly “I will not return with thee: for thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, and the Lord has rejected thee from being king over Israel.” That was the beginning of the downfall of Saul, the first king of Israel, the man that once was an answer to the prayers of Israel. Sigh.

In Numbers 11, when Moses struck the rock twice instead of once as he had been commanded by God, he suffered the consequences of the disobedience. Friends, this is Moses we are talking about. Moses was the only man to commune with God face to face. Moses was the only man to fast for forty days twice. It was Moses that went up to the mountain of God to receive the tablet of the ten commandments. In fact, when Moses died, his eyes were not dim, and his natural strength was intact. Yet, one simple act of disobedience cost Moses his life’s desire, and robbed him of entering the promised land with the children of Israel.

Whenever I am not walking in God’s purpose for me, I suffer. I become paranoid and anxious. I compare myself with others and I literally cannot sleep. I am consumed by guilt for things I did ten years ago. I know this all too well, so why do I sometimes not do the things which God has commanded? Your guess is as good as mine: I am weak and helpless. When I am not blogging as I should, insignificant things take my focus away from God. Whenever I do not spend quality time with God, church begins to feel like a mundane routine. At this stage of my life, I already understand that lack of personal time with God means I literally feel like my life is slipping away from my fingers.

When God speaks and we do not listen, we rob ourselves of a stronger, more intimate relationship with Him. When we disobey God, we harm ourselves and display our distrust in Him. Is God asking you to do something for Him today? Is He asking you to desist from sin? Is He asking you to serve in your local church? is God asking you to spend more time in his presence? It is in your best interest to respond promptly.

When I felt the tugging on my heart to start a blog and talk about God, I resisted. First, I love my anonymity. Infact, the only reason why I still have my facebook account is because that’s where I primarily share my blog. Also, the account only exists because a friend created it for me just before I graduated from secondary school. I forgot my twitter account password two days after I made the account. I don’t have instagram, I have never even contemplated creating an account. Heck, I don’t even use snapchat, although you can very well control your interactions on each of these sites. Creating a blog meant that I would have to share my personal experiences on the world wide web, irrespective of who was listening or what they were saying. And I dreaded that.

Secondly, as many of you can probably tell, I struggle with anything that is remotely related to time: I have never been a punctual individual. Infact, I remember being late to school even in primary school. When I was chapel prefect in secondary school, I was never quite as punctual as was expected (thank God for kind and understanding counterparts). While in A Levels, I served detention a few times because I was late to class. Even today, I was 20 minutes late to my Shakespeare class. I procrastinate a lot. I only begin to do my work when it is literally crunch time. I am temperamentally phlegmatic. Hard work scares me. I am terrified of having to pursue a goal until it comes to fruition. So, imagine my shock when I realized there was a call on my heart to blog about God. Sigh. I am not even faithful in my quiet time with God, and He was asking me to write about Him. I literally laughed out loud.

But God has come through. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback on my blog, and I don’t remember ever dealing with one negative comment. Granted I haven’t been blogging for that long, but still, isn’t that God?

Today I write about the consequences of disobedience to caution myself. I write this blog for God, and for God alone. I write because I love Him and I love to write. I love to talk about God. Ask me a question about God or initiate a conversation about scripture and you’re literally my favorite person in the world in that moment. So why have I not been faithful in writing this blog? Why have I not been faithful in my quiet time with God? Why do I take God’s revelation of Himself to me for granted? Sigh. Clearly, I need help from God Himself.

Lol, I just read through and realized that this is a deep blog post. Oh well, it’s a new month, and this is me crying out to God to make me more faithful, disciplined and committed to His work. Amen.

Side note- Kwadwo Triumph, I don't know who you are, but your comments on my blog always encourage me. May God Bless and increase you immensely.



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