Here With You


Today I feel inspired to share a song. I am absolutely head over heels with this song, and it’s been on my heart since the first time I heard it.

Please enjoy the lyrics and the power behind those words.

Also, can I just say that some people have anointed voices? The person who sang this song is one of those. When I first heard this song, I was writing an article at work and absentmindedly listening to the new Hillsong album. After about one minute when this song came on, I was so moved that I had to stop writing and pay rapt attention to the song.

It’s such a comforting song.

When God is with us, we have heaven within us.

I will never be without God because He will never leave me.

As much as I want to remain a captive in God’s love, I know that no matter how far I run, He will literally always chase me down and bring me back home!

If that’s not mindblowing, then I don’t know anything else that is.

That alone is worth living for!

Without further ado, please enjoy the song below