Priscilla, Open Heaven, and Fall

Hello everyone! First of all, I want to give a loving shoutout to my best friend Priscilla. She's celebrating 2200 followers on her blog today! I'm super proud of this girl, and I know that God isn't even started yet. She will definitely go big big places, and she will do exploits for the Kingdom of God. I know that because I am a testimony. I shared a bit of our friendship story in my post where I spoke about three friends I'll never forget. Priscilla tops my list of what a friend should be and more (even when she does not reply my texts or pick my calls). She makes me want to be a better person. I can call on her at 3am for whatever I need. She knows all my naughty escapades. She is a friend I can take home with me- because I know she'll neither look down on my and my family, nor judge us, nor feel out of place. She'll fit right in, and she'll thoroughly enjoy herself. I'm not interested in taking a lot of my friends to meet my parents, but Priscilla is know that I know will always be by my side! Finally, she prays with and for me! What more can one ask for please?

Please go check her blog out!

That said, as I walked back to my room this evening, I could not ignore the beauty of Fall all around me, so I took a few pictures!

Clearly, your girl is now a photographer *coughcough* I


River Wild1




Finally, I'm accepting nice cameras if you care to send me one- only nice DSLRs please! Thanks!

Okay, one more thing. I really want to share this song with you all:

It's the song I listen to when I want to enter my intimate place with God.

It's the song I play when I'm discouraged.

It's a song written after my own heart.

The song is called Open Heaven/ River Wild; enjoy below:


Please keep reading my blog, and thank you all for the support so far. I'm still trying to figure out a schedule for my blog posts, but I know God will help me out!

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