Someone wrote me a love letter (and it wasn't from God lol) Ha!


My blog mostly revolves around God, so I imagine that when I say someone wrote me a love letter, people expect to see a bible passage or something lol! Anyway, this one is a real letter. I'll share only the first page of the letter here (the full letter is five pages long). Not that it's anything too personal, I just don't feel like sharing everything lol. Even at that, is sharing this little bit narcissistic? I don't know, but I know that working this 9-5 job and the 45 minute- 1 hour daily commute each way are stressing me out. However, I am immensely grateful for this opportunity and I wouldn't trade it for anything! So this is to more encouragement! And to friends who encourage us! I love you person who wrote me this letter! :*

Please enjoy below:

Dear Alheri,

You have brought so much light into my life. You’ve brought light, you’ve brought strength and you’ve brought confidence. You are one of the best things to have happened in my life.

I may sound a little selfish for me to say, but a part of me feels like maybe you're my very own present from God. Like if, God forbid, I had no other reason in life to believe in Him, you would be the proof of his existence, the embodiment of his love. And, as if maybe part of the purpose of your life was to bring this light into mine.

When I think of the biggest things you’ve done for me, I think growing a thicker skin has been one. I see so much strength in you- I don’t even know if you see it in yourself. To be incredibly honest with you, I consider you one of the strongest people I know. There is a surefootedness with which you tread, even in the deepest of uncertainty. You are the one friend for whom I have this unshakeable feeling of “she will be okay” when something is going on- not the sort that plunges me into a neglect of you- but the sort that turns my prayers to God into thank yous instead of pleases. I praise God for what a blessing that is!

You have moved me to take harder blows, and not always limp away battered when harsh winds come my way. You have taught me to be sure in myself, so that words spoken against me do not deter me nearly as much as they used to.

I admire your heart. You are one of the most considerate and generous people I know. I know that this is a trait after God’s own heart- God, who can never be out-given. I notice it, and I want you to know that if I, a vaporizing mist in the wind, take notice of that computer you buy a friend, or that bag of toiletries that you go out of your way to buy, or that bible and devotional you buy that friend, then surely God, in his omnipresence, takes notice, too. In my village, my grandmother was known, for the longest time, as Mayi Mutisunge, which loosely translates to “She who keeps us.” This was on account of her unrelenting giving- the manner in which she took care of those around her as though they were her own. I see her calm, unexpecting giver’s heart in you, in the smallest of ways. In the manner in which you do it- that manner that says of something that it is not an inconvenience, but is to be done. In your quickness to brush thanks away- not because you do not cherish them, but because you believe you have done what is required of you. In the faith you place in God when even you don’t have too much to spare- it speaks volumes. Like Abraham’s unwavering faith when he bound his only son up. Like the widow who gave her only two coins. Like the mother who made bread out of her last oil and flour for God’s prophet. Your generosity is, to me, nothing short of divine- a true reflection of the nature of the God we both serve. It is an honor to see God’s very nature in you!

Alheri, I admire your confidence. Not much can be said about that. They way you occupy your space- your body, your mind, your thoughts, your faith in God, all of your identity, and you do so with a strong conviction, with an assurance of validation. When it was said that “by allowing your light to shine, you give others permission to do the same,” I believe that this is what was meant by it. Your confidence is infectious.

That was only the first of five pages. Please stay happy! God bless you! Thank God for good friends!

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