Religion. Big bad Religion.


Today's question asks my views on religion. Sigh. I don't like having these kinds of conversations because it always gets so complicated so quickly. But I will tell you this- I am a Christian, and my faith (AKA my relationship with God)  is the most important thing in my life.

I am also Roman Catholic. Some people have challenged me on being a catholic, the same way non-Christians challenge Christians, and non-religious people challenge religious people. And that's okay. Because we should question everything and believe nothing blindly.

Quite honestly, I'm really tired tonight. I fell asleep really late last night because of the roommate's endless bedtime stories were just too sweet for me to sleep off. So maybe another time, I shall share my views on religion.

However, I do know this one thing to be true: God is real. He loves us. And He literally died to have a relationship with you and I. I was going to leave it at that, but I just realized that saying "God" is very ambiguous. I'm referring specifically to the Christian God because that's all I've known and grown to love. As an adult, (yeah, I am an adult haaaaa!) I have made the very conscious and deliberate personal decision to serve Him with my life.

Biko bear with me, that's all for today. Maybe tomorrow will be more interesting!

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