What now?


Well, well, well! Friends, about my last post, ALA results are out! However, I won’t indulge your curiosity because this blog isn’t about my brother, and his school applications :)

This blog is about this often confused young girl (or woman, whaaa?) throwing herself into the strong muscular arms of a God that’s bigger than the biggest, and wiser than the wisest.

This is me making sense of my thoughts, and hoping that as I share my journey, the Holy Spirit will inspire someone to lend me (or gain?) some wisdom. I write words I wish someone will speak to me in the different situations I face. So if you want to be creepy, you can call my number and read my blog posts aloud to me. I kid, I kid.

That said, please remember that if there are things you want me to write about/ questions you have about stuff, I’m definitely open to writing about those!

Anyway, here is today’s topic, which is a follow up from last time’s.

Picture this:

God has answered your prayer. You’ve screamed your head off, bounced around cloud 9, and are now back to the surreal reality that your once unattainable dream is yours to live!

The question is- What do you do next?

I’ll share a short personal story about one of my embarrassing failures. Sigh, I have one too many of them to share.

In my March update, I mentioned that I got a few new electronic items. I was beyond myself with excitement and I spent all my time gushing over the items. I’d sit for hours, downloading and using new apps, and figuring out the best photo effects, and then I’ll giggle loudly when I hit a jackpot!

I sure was excited, and I’m sure God was as well. But there was an unintended consequence- I began to lose focus on doing my quiet time with God. When it was time for devotion, I would play music, just because I had new music-playing apps, although I know that I focus better in silence. Sometimes, I would wear myself out just flipping back and forth and doing absolutely nothing productive. And then go to bed without doing my quiet time. :(

I wish I could say that I’ve grown, or that I no longer let myself be distracted by electronics and gadgets. But alas, you know the drill!

In my scenario above, my blessing had clearly become a distraction. Rather than focus on The Giver, I was focusing on the gift.

On the other hand, consider this:

There’s this one thing you really really want- healing for a loved one, financial breakthrough, stronger relationship with God, academic success, you name it.

You pray, fast even. Yet, it seems like your prayers fall on deaf ears. Your loved one is still sick, you’re still broke, your GPA isn’t looking up, and you feel like you’re still at the same place in your walk with God.

This, dear friends, is my story a lot of the time. I pray for a friendship, a class, or for patience. But I find myself back at point zero.

Do tell, friends, how do you keep your eyes on Jesus? The good things distract us, the bad things frustrate us.

But before you go, I have some good news!

Tomorrow, I’ll write about one of my favorite characters in the bible!

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