When Jesus Says No


This is the final trio of quoting Pastor Adeboye. My offer still stands, in fact, it is now a plea. Send me your email address, and I will pay for you to receive Open Heavens devotional in your inbox daily. 

Today's quote is about God saying "no" to our requests. There are some requests I have made in my life that God has said "no" to. He says no in order to discipline us, teach us to look to Him for sustenance, or to teach us patience. I pray that as we continue to walk with the Lord, He will help us to discern His voice especially in the dark times, and give us patience to wait for His time.

Here is Pastor Adeboye's quote:

There are times God will say “No” to a beautiful request. When this happens, the one asking feels disappointed. But to the One who has all power, there are greater things compared to what is being asked for. In spite of all the prayer efforts you have invested in certain requests, God can still say “No” if He has something greater in the offing for you. Have you been trusting God for a particular blessing for so long? I have good news for you. Do not be discouraged; God has something better for you because you are a child of covenant and because you have no appointment with failure. The best is reserved for you as you trust His guidance and submit to His will for your life.

Be encouraged friends, your latter days will surely be greater than your former!


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